Video of the Day: Tucker Carlson SHREDS Racist ‘Genocidal’ MSNBC Propagandists

On Wednesday, Fox News host Tucker Carlson shredded racist propagandists at MSNBC, the outlet I call the official network of insane bloodthirsty liberal rage, hate, and stupid, lying liberal propaganda.  After this, one can add the term, “genocidal.”

Carlson began his monologue by talking about a radio station in Kigali, Rwanda, RTLM, also known as “Hutu Radio,” which led to the eventual genocide in Rwanda.

In July of 1993, a radio station in Kigali, Rwanda, began openly attacking one of the country’s main ethnic groups, the Tutsis. The radio station was called RTLM, but many remember it as simply Hutu Radio because its audience was primarily Hutu. According to Hutu radio, Tutsi people were responsible for virtually every bad thing that ever happened in Rwanda. Tutsis had way too much money. They had way too much power. Tutsis were way too privileged. They were greedy. They were bigoted. They were racists. They were dangerous. Everything about Tutsiness was repulsive.

For the most part, actual Tutsis in Rwanda ignored all of this. Hutu Radio was not aimed at them, but then in July of 1994, just nine months after RTLM went on the air, a genocide began in Rwanda. More than half a million Tutsis were murdered, in many cases by Hutus whose rage had been stoked to violence by RTLM’s broadcasts.

Entire Tutsi families were dragged from their homes and hacked to death with machetes. Hundreds of thousands of women were raped. The world watched in horror as it happened but did nothing to intervene. Instead, our leaders told us at the time, the genocide in Rwanda would live forever as a lesson to the rest of us about the capacity for evil that lurks inside every human heart and the dangers of reducing our neighbors to the sum total of their ethnicity. They’re individuals, not ethnic groups.

He went on to compare this to what is happening at MSNBC right now, specifically by two outspoken, unhinged, racist talk show hosts who seem to spend all their time spewing lies about white people — Joy Reid and Tiffany Cross.

It’s hard to imagine, given what plays on a loop on that party’s cable news arm, MSNBC. Have you watched MSNBC lately? Likely you haven’t. Like the Tutsis, you’re not the target audience, but you should tune in sometime. It’s remarkable. Given that opposing racism is America’s national religion, it may surprise you to learn that open race hate forms much of the substance of that channel’s programing and when we say race hate, we’re not referring to the subtle coded variety. You want border security? You’re giving your kids piano lessons? You like Shakespeare? You believe it in the SAT? You must be a racist. That’s not what we’re talking about. We’re talking about the kind of race hate you cannot mistake for anything else. The kind of people just come out and announce, “I hate this race of people and here’s why I do.”

It’s hard to believe that anything like that is happening right now on American television, but it is out in the open and the most amazing and the most creepy part of all is that no one is saying anything about it. It’s all but ignored, and honestly, we had no idea it was going on either until we started getting texts from people, “Are you watching this? Can you believe this?” So, we tuned in.

Apparently on the left, what you’re about to see is considered completely normal, even good and that should worry you deeply. You don’t want to live in Rwanda, but in MSNBC, they’re already there. Now, you probably knew about Joy Reid, the race lady who’s been fixated on race hate for years now, but MSNBC has a new host, someone called Tiffany Cross, who hosts a show called “The Cross Connection.” Here’s a selection.

He played several clips of the two propagandists spewing their racist hatred and lies.

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

He added:

This is Hutu Radio, but it’s not an independent radio station in an African country. It’s part of one of the biggest news organizations in the world, part of the biggest telecommunications company in the United States, Comcast, which owns it. So, you have to ask yourself, what does Comcast’s board think of this? Comcast’s board is mostly White people. White people who, according to the channel they own, decided they wanted something, then they annexed it – White people who steal because they’re White, White people who could “turn to violence” when they don’t get their way. White people are going crazy, endangering their communities.

So, you have to ask yourself, why are they putting this on the air? Why are they allowing this? This is not a policy debate. These are open attacks on people, on Americans, on the basis purely of their race and that’s just a selection. We could go on and on and on.

After playing a number of clips and discussing the level of discourse on the network, Carlson asked, “What kind of talk is that?”

He answered himself: “Well, it’s genocidal talk, actually. Not an overstatement. That’s exactly what it is.”

He also wondered:

Again, how does Comcast’s board feel about this? Will the board undergo some kind of forced diversification? What about the NBA and the NFL? We’re not following all of this, but as Joy Reid and Tiffany Cross tell us, that’s probably because we’re White and too stupid to understand.

Here’s video of his comments:

Tucker Carlson is right.  It’s as if the hosts at MSNBC not only want a race war, it’s as if they want a second bloody civil war, followed by genocide of all white people, to be carried out by a Soviet-style regime of authoritarianism.

And the fact that Comcast allows this unhinged violent rhetoric seems to indicate that they really do support this nonsense.

God help us.


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