Video of the Day: Rudy Giuliani calls for end of Mueller probe, prosecution of Peter Strzok

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While appearing on Fox News’ Hannity on Thursday, Rudy Giuliani, personal attorney to President Donald Trump, called for the end of the Mueller Russia investigation following the release of the DOJ inspector-general’s report. He also said Rod Rosenstein and Attorney General Jeff Sessions could redeem themselves by prosecuting Peter Strzok.

Here’s a transcript provided by Real Clear Politics:

GIULIANI: We are way beyond Hillary Clinton. We now have an investigation that in the words of President Donald Trump from the very beginning has been a fix, a frame-up and a witch-hunt. It was led by Peter Strzok, who is disgraceful and even for the present director of the FBI to have him there tomorrow would be disgraceful. Every FBI agent should demand that that man be fired and tomorrow Mueller should suspend his investigation and he should go see [Deputy Attorney General] Rod Rosenstein who created him and the Deputy Attorney General and Attorney General Sessions who should now step up big time to save his Department.

Should suspend that investigation. Throw out all the people is that have been involved in the phony Trump investigation and bring in honest FBI agents from the New York office who I can trust implicitly and they should turn their attention to Comey, Strzok, [Lisa] Page, all those FBI agents who took gifts — gifts, Sean? That’ss called bribery where I come from. They took tickets to games.

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They put [Former GOP Virginia] Governor McDonald to jail, the angry Democrats who work for Mueller. They put Governor McDonald in jail for taking a couple of little trinkets — FBI agents selling out and leaking like sivs and then the statement of Strzok, ‘We’re going to stop Donald Trump.’ And he is put in charge the Russia investigation? And the guy who should be head of this RICO case is Jim Comey because he is the guy who created this atmosphere in the Justice Department. He’s the reason Strzok was able to operate, Page was able to operate. Those guys are taking tickets? FBI agents should be infuriated by that. I’m infuriated because I love the FBI. These people don’t love the FBI. I do…

I feel that this whole thing has made fools of all of us. I mean, they think we are idiots. We supplied 1.4 million documents. We supplied 32 witnesses. No privilege arguments. And who are we supplying them to?

People who have already concluded to frame Donald Trump, agents who started a phony Russia investigation. That’s the whole core of this. That’s why the investigation should be suspended. And I am talking for myself now, not the president. But I believe he would agree with this. A very serious investigation has to be done of the FBI agents at the very top by FBI agents who are honest in order to prosecute them…

Rosenstein and Jeff Sessions have a chance to redeem themselves and that chance comes about tomorrow. It doesn’t go beyond tomorrow. Tomorrow, Mueller should be suspended and honest people should be brought in, impartial people to investigate these people like Peter Strzok. Strzok should be in jail by the end of next week.

Here’s video:


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