Video of the Day: MSNBC Propagandists Falsely Claim White Republican Men Don’t Know How Babies Are Made

There’s a reason I call MSNBC the official network of insane liberal rage, hate, and stupid, lying liberal propaganda.  This is just one of the latest examples.

During Tuesday’s edition of MSNBC’s The ReidOut, propagandist Joy Reid and Democrat Party strategist Kurt Bardella made the stupid and outrageous claim that white Republican men don’t know how babies are made.


“I mean the one thing we’ve seen during the abortion debate that’s unfolding is that most of these white Republican men have no idea how a baby is actually made,” Bardella falsely claimed.

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

Here’s video, courtesy of Newsbusters:

Here’s a transcript, also courtesy of Newsbusters:

JOY REID: They need to have babies. 39-week abortions. That is not a thing. Pregnancies normally last 41, 42 weeks. The idea that Republicans keep putting up that somehow women are getting to 39 weeks, which is like three weeks or two weeks maybe even one week before they’re having a baby and being like, I think I’m going to have an abortion. It is ridiculous but they keep saying it. They keep saying it because no one stops them or calls them out.

KURT BARDELLA: I mean the one thing we’ve seen during the abortion debate that’s unfolding is that most of these white Republican men have no idea how a baby is actually made.

REID: Do they know how to make a baby? I don’t think they do, and he has kids!


BARDELLA: I would love to see what his take is on Herschel Walker, by the way, talking about paying for abortions. Be that as it may, Tim Ryan, I have to say, has put on a clinic in terms of how to debate, how to deal with these MAGA Republicans, how to expose these MAGA Republicans like you said, who in the primary, they’re all about Donald Trump.

The minute the primary ends, they’re scrubbing their website, they’re changing their plans. They’re trying to do everything they can to pretend like that primary didn’t happen and Tim Ryan is having none of it, and that is the playbook for how every Democrat running across the board should be running their campaigns.

Kevin Tober observed:

Bardella & Reid know full well that late-term abortions are happening and that if the abortionists had their way, abortions at all stages would be conducted on every street corner.

We know this is true because the baby murder mill Planned Parenthood recently announced mobile clinics so they can execute more innocent unborn babies.

They can play dumb all they want, but they are only fooling themselves and their dwindling audience.

Tober informs us this stupidity was made possible by Liberty Mutual.


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