Video of the Day: MSNBC Propagandist Joy Reid Claims GOP Taught Voters The Term ‘Inflation’

There’s been a lot of stupid flying from the left these days.  Especially from MSNBC, the official network of insane liberal rage, hate, and stupid, lying, liberal propaganda.  Case in point: Race-baiting propagandist Joy Reid claimed Republicans “taught” voters to use the word “inflation.”

We’re not kidding.

Here’s video, courtesy of Newsbusters:

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

Right — because no one has ever used the word before, and no one is actually experiencing it.  At least, that seems to be her take.

Talk about the height of stupid.

Here’s a transcript, also courtesy of Newsbusters:

MSNBC’s Deadline: White House
November 2, 2022, 5:28pm ET

NICOLLE WALLACE: Joy, I’m curious how, you know — what’s notable to me is that Republicans say they’re running on inflation and crime. Republicans have not presented any solutions to their voters on either of those topics and that state’s run by a Republican. So how are those issues playing out there [in Florida]?

JOY REID: You know, what’s so interesting, too, is that I have actually never heard a person who isn’t an economist or works on CNBC — I used to do CNBC a lot as a guest, I used to do Larry Kudlow’s show all the time, a couple times a week — and the only people I ever heard use, ever hear use the word ‘inflation’ are journalists and economists. Right? So that is not part of the normal lexicon of the way people talk.

So it’s interesting that Republicans are doing something they don’t normally do, right? Which is not use the common tongue, right? Not use just common English to, sort of, use, do on their campaigns, like they’re doing with crime. But what they’ve done is they’ve taught people the word ‘inflation.’ Right? Most people who would have never used that word ever in their lives are using it now because they’ve been taught it, including on TV, including in newspapers. They’ve been taught this word. And they sort of wrap this word around whatever it is that they really want to vote — you know, the reasons they really want to vote.

Of course, social media had something to say about this:

Consider the source…

We can’t wait to see what happens when Republicans take Congress on Tuesday…


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