Video of the Day: Lying ‘View’ propagandists spread debunked lie that Trump called coronavirus a hoax

On Friday, lying propagandists on ABC’s “The View” spread the thoroughly debunked lie that President Trump called coronavirus a hoax, Newsbusters reported.

“Let’s not forget, this president said not too long ago this was a democratic hoax! That Democrats–that coronavirus was a hoax,” co-propagandist Sunny Hostin declared.

“Is this a hoax? Are people dying from a hoax?” she asked.

Her fellow propagandist, Meghan McCain, who should know better, didn’t correct Hostin, and instead opined that it would hurt him.

“That verbiage is going to be run in attack ads, come November,” she said.

There’s only one glaring problem.


You can go here to see what he REALLY said.

Got it?

Kristine Marsh added:

McCain went on to lament how “unfortunate” it was that many older conservatives *only* get their information from Fox News, who had echoed Trump’s hoax comments.

“Unfortunately I worked in conservative media, my husband works in conservative media…there are a lot of people who only listen to Fox News, only listen to the president” she fretted.

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There’s a darn good reason for that, Meghan, and you just helped prove it.  The reason people listen to the president and to Fox is because the rest of the so-called mainstream media LIES about EVERYTHING!!!  Worse yet, it is all being done on purpose.

Got it?

Here’s video:

Marsh also noted:

As usual, the media has no problems slicing and dicing people’s words to fit their own narrative.

Trump did not call the virus a hoax, that has been debunked but still some in the media continue to spread that lie.

The View continued attacking Fox News in the next segment. They played that aforementioned video montage of a few Fox News hosts striking a more serious tone towards the virus this past week. Notably, no one actually called it a “hoax” in the “before” clips.

Tell you what, Meghan.  When you and your fellow propagandists can start telling the truth, maybe more people will start listening to you.  Until then, you’re all just a bunch of lying liberal propagandists as far as I’m concerned.


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