Video of the Day: Kayleigh McEnany SHREDS Liberal Media Propagandists For Bashing Hydroxychloroquine

On Wednesday, White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany shredded liberal media propagandists for losing their cookies after President Trump announced that he had been taking the drug in an effort to ward off the COVID-19 virus.

Among those who went ballistic were Fox News’ Neil Cavuto, who said Trump was killing himself, and Chris Cuomo, a propagandist with the Communist Chinese propaganda outlet CNN.

Kristen Welker, a propagandist working for NBC News, thought she had McEnany cornered, but that wasn’t the case.

Newsbusters reported:

McEnany first brought up two hospitals conducting studies with health care workers taking hydroxychloroquine as a way of suggesting that, if this drug is deadly and awful like the liberal media have claimed, why are there studies being done?

She also cited its “very good safety” profile and 65-year history as a treatment for lupus, arthritis, and malaria” before making the most important point (and one the administration has made very clear): “As with any drug and as with any prescription, it should be given by a doctor to a patient in that context, so no one should be taking this without a prescription from their doctor.”

But there’s more.  She also went after specific personalities, and nailed “Fredo” Cuomo’s hypocrisy:

But that being said, I’ve seen a lot of apoplectic coverage of hydroxychloroquine. You had Jimmy Kimmel saying the president’s “trying to kill himself by taking it.” You had Joe Scarborough saying, “this will kill you.” Neil Cavuto saying “what have you got to lose? One thing you have to lose are lives.” And you had Chris Cuomo saying “the president knows that hydroxychloroquine is not supported by science. He knows that has been flying — flagged by his own people and he’s using it.” Well, Cuomo mocked the President for this and interestingly I found this just before coming here. Hydroxychloroquine, of course, is an FDA-approved medication with a long-proven track record for safety and it turns out that Chris Cuomo took a less-safe version of it called quinine which the FDA removed from the market in 2006 because of its serious side effects, including deaths, so really interesting to have that criticism of the President.

“This is a safe drug to use….and your doctor prescribes it for your use as a prophylaxis or after coming into contact with COVID, then it’s something you should take if it’s prescribed by the doctor and that’s your personal medical choice,” she added.

Here’s video, courtesy of Newsbusters:

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With very few exceptions, it’s become quite clear that we are no longer dealing with “reporters,” interested in getting to the truth.  We are dealing with liberal propagandists who frankly don’t give a tinker’s damn about the truth.  All they care about is the narrative.

Which, sadly, forces us to conclude:


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