Video of the Day: CNN says guns alone don’t kill people, patriarchy kills people

Earlier this month, CNN published an op-ed in which it said that guns alone don’t kill people — patriarchy does.

Here’s CNN’s hot take on the issue:

He killed his homeboy in broad daylight for calling him a bitch. Everybody I was in LA county jail with knew his story. The scariest part remains that most of them and many men I tell the story to today casually respond with something like, “Well, I wouldn’t go that far but yeah, I could see that.”

Granted, most of the men I had this conversation with are in prison with me, but when 98% of mass murders are committed by men, and 90% of all murders are committed by men and 80% of those arrested for violent acts are men, it’s safe to say there is something wrong with how our culture socializes men.

Patriarchy is a social system that defines men as being inherently violent, dominant and controlling while rewarding them with power for being that way. It is no secret, especially these days, that we live in a patriarchal society. Why are we continually surprised when a man takes up arms and commits mass murder?

There’s more:

What doing anti-patriarchy work in California prisons and in my own life has taught me is that men have the capacity to feel, share and regulate the spectrum of human emotions. When we do this, the violence we’ve been taught comes so naturally to us feels foreign and unnecessary.

Before he shoots his first bullet, tomorrow’s mass shooter can experience this transformative process. But first we must culturally allow him to express feelings. In fact, we must demand it.

Media analyst Mark Dice had a few things to say about this:

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