Video of the Day: CNN panel says Americans too stupid to understand Peter Strzok

Today’s video of the day comes to us courtesy of Newsbusters, which reports that a sickening panel at CNN — the outlet once dubbed the “least-trusted” name in network news — included one panelist saying that Americans aren’t smart enough to understand the Strzok hearings.

According to Curtis Houck:

Former NSA attorney and CNN analyst Susan Hennessey gushed that Strzok offered “the most robust defense of the FBI that we’ve heard from a sitting FBI official and so I think that was really remarkable” in schooling Republicans who “refused to acknowledge that every person has political beliefs.”

“Every person has political opinions. That’s different from bias, that individuals who work for the federal law enforcement or the federal government put those opinions — they leave those opinions at the door and they do their job in a nonpartisan apolitical manner,” she added.

Chief political analyst Gloria Borger also offered Obama-like praise for Strzok, dubbing his testimony an “incredible defense of the FBI” that possibly left some at the FBI wishing he were their chief messenger in rebuilding their reputation.

Phil proud sh*tholer Mudd agreed, equating Strzok investigating Trump to his past life in counter-terrorism surveilling potential terrorists, but admitted that his mistake was pontificating “on a government phone” because “you can’t do that.”

He had much more to say…

“I completely agree with Mr. Strozk on this,” Mudd said. “Americans don’t understand this. You’re talking about hundreds of people involved in this investigation, regardless of whether you believe him or not, you’re thinking that he can walk into the FBI Hoover Building [BORGER LAUGHS] and say: ‘Let me figure out a way to manipulate another 200 people.’ It’s impossible.”

Here’s the video:


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