Video of the Day: Chris Matthews, MSNBC spout silly conspiracy that ‘dictator’ Trump collaborating with non-existent ‘Soviets’

There’s been plenty of stupid thrown about at MSNBC, the official network of insane liberal hate and rage.  And it seems there’s no end to the insanity.

On Thursday, Newsbusters’ Chris Houck tells us that Chris Matthews, the ever-present face of hate at the official network of insane liberal hate, led a discussion which falsely claimed that “wannabe dictator” Trump is “collaborating with the Soviets” to carry out “Russian attacks on our democracy” with help from “a complicit, compliant, lick-spittle Republican Congress” acting like “hosts of Russia Today.”

There’s so much stupid, fake news and wild-eyed baseless conspiracies being floated in this one clip that it isn’t even funny.  Sad thing is, there’s a lot of low-information leftists who eat this up like junk food.

Here’s the video:

Houck notes:

Delirious host Chris Matthews screeched in his opening tag that “it’s all happening again” before adding that “Russia has endorsed the re-election of President Donald Trump who is trying desperately to keep that matter secret” making for a “disturbing revelation.”

To the ears of Matthews, Congressman Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) told him that The Times article was grounds for a “corrupt abuse of power” (read: second impeachment) againsta President who doesn’t care about American values,” “doesn’t care about democratic norms, “doesn’t care about our free and fair elections,” “doesn’t care about the notion of one person one vote,” and “doesn’t care about….the rule of law.”

Huh. That’s ironic considering that’s how CNN, MSNBC, The Times, and the rest of the liberal media feel, which has been that the will of the people doesn’t, in fact, matter and should be reversed if the people don’t feel and vote the way that’s demand of them.

Hey, this is MSNBC, so what do you expect?  Facts?  Honesty?  Seriously?  There’s not a shred of evidence to back any of this nonsense up, but do they care?  No.

Just once I wish Matthews would invite me on his program to cram this garbage right back down his throat…

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This is the modern left…  Let that sink in.


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