Video of the Day: CBS Brings Far-Left ‘Anti-Racism’ Expert To Learn If Coronavirus Is Racist

On Monday, CBS This Morning brought of “anti-racism” expert Ibram X. Kendi to discuss the possibility that the coronavirus pandemic may be racist.  Seriously.

Newsbusters’ Scott Whitlock informs us:

During parts of the segment on Monday, the coronavirus was linked to racism. Duncan introduced Milwaukee’s Public Health Commissioner, noting that she “calls racism a public health issue.” Again, obviously, if certain groups are more prone to get the virus, that’s a problem and data should be collected. But what is the point of bringing on political activists like Kendi? A man who couldn’t even condemn obvious anti-Semitic bigotry?

Talk about propaganda…

Here’s the segment, courtesy of Newsbusters:

Here’s a partial transcript, as posted by Whitlock:

DUNCAN: CBS News contributor Ibram X. Kendi is also the director of the Antiracism Policy Center at American University.

IBRAM X. KENDI: If we don’t have an awareness of racial disparities, we can’t figure out what’s causing those racial disparities, what policies or even lack thereof and we can’t change it, right now in the moment, when people are dying and being infected

DUNCAN: And according to a new report by WBEZ Public Radio in Chicago, an analysis of the county found that 70 percent of people in Chicago who have passed away because of coronavirus are black. And you’re talking about nearly 300 deaths in the whole state of Illinois because of coronavirus. But definitely important information when you look at how we track other diseases, other viruses, and this being a pandemic. I’m sure there are a lot of people that are hungry for that information right now.

GAYLE KING: I’ll say, Jericka. This is such an important story. We’ve heard the saying all the time “Knowledge is power,” and all of your experts seem to say that you need more information to know exactly what you’re dealing with and how we cathedral to fight it. So glad that you’re raising this issue.

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Kendi, Whitlock tells us, “refused to condemn the anti-Semitism of Congresswoman Ilhan Omar.”  Why are we not surprised?


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