Video of the Day: A Reminder That Wannabe Burglars Should Not ‘Mess With Armed Mothers’

There’s nothing much more dangerous than a mother protecting her children.  That goes double for a mother who’s armed and trained to use her firearm.

In this case, a mother protected her two young children from a wannabe burglar who wanted to break into her house.  He succeeded, but was instantly faced by a shotgun-wielding mom who wasn’t about to have any of it.

The incident was caught on a security camera, as you can see below:

Just think — if anti-gunners like David Hogg, the teen demagogue once dubbed the “king of the snowflakes” on Twitter, had their way, this mother and many others like her, along with their children, would be at the mercy of criminals like the one in the video.

There’s a reason we have a Second Amendment — and you just witnessed one.


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