Video: Newsweek senior writer goes nuts on Tucker Carlson, melts down on Twitter

Carlson newsweekWhile appearing in an interview with Tucker Carlson, Newsweek senior writer Kurt Eichenwald went nuts and refused to answer a question about a claim he made about President-elect Donald Trump being placed in a mental hospital, all the while falsely claiming that Carlson wouldn’t let him answer the question.

Here’s video of that interview:

A post at the Gateway Pundit noted:

That’s not our editorial opinion.
Just watch this guy…..

It makes you wonder how many of these liberal reporters are complete nuts?

He then melted down on Twitter, according to Twitchy:

He posted some 46 tweets in his meltdown, but, Twitchy added, he later deleted them.

Naturally, Keith Olbermann loved it:

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Wonder why?

Yes, Twitchy said, those tweets were captured:

Twitchy added:

Wow. Are you seriously going there? Where is your proof? I hope you have someone on retainer, because that is damn defamatory.

Twitchy said the “nuttiest” of his 46 tweets was deleted and wondered:

One person noted:

Keep in mind, however, that this is the liberal rag that once called Obama “god of all things…”  Yeah, that was the November 2010 cover, seen below:

Newsweek god of all things

Worse yet, these are the kind of people pushing the fake “fake news” conspiracy.  And these are the type of people Facebook has partnered with to judge online conservative content…

Of course not…  That’ll only happen to conservatives.


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