Video: Muslim Imam accused of being a fake for not supporting radical Islam

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Video: Muslim Imam accused of being a fake for not supporting radical IslamAustralian Imam Shaikh Mohammad Tawhidi has been critical of radical Islam and attempts to impose sharia law in that country.  As a result, he has drawn criticism and hate from other Muslim leaders in Australia, Fox News reported on Monday.

Tawhidi said that members of Australia’s Muslim community were condemning him because he does not support radical Islam or Sharia Law and warned of an extremist cell in Sydney.

In the video that Tawhidi posted last week, he said, “They have called me a fake Muslim imam or a Shaikh only because I expose their intentions to create a caliphate within Australia. I am considered a fake because I condemn terrorism. I am considered a fake because I oppose and expose extremism.”

“I am considered a fake because I would die for Australia… I am considered a fake because I live by the Australian constitution,” Tawhidi stated. “For them, I am too Australian.”

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Fox News also stated that Muslim-Americans are supporting Tawhidi although the radical Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) told Fox News that Tawhidi and his critics’ premise is ‘false’.

Fox News Reported:

U.S. Muslim groups said Monday that they generally supported Tawhidi’s position, though they had some reservations.

Ibrahim Hooper, national communications director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, told Fox News that Tawhidi and his critics’ premise is ‘false’.

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“The problem comes when you look at a dichotomy between being an Australian or an American and being a Muslim. We don’t see a dichotomy,” Hooper said. “We see that, in fact, the American-Muslim community is the prime defender of the U.S. Constitution. We see no conflict between Islamic beliefs and practices and living as a productive, contributing citizen whether it’s in Australia or America.”

Hooper said he would have liked Tawhidi to clarify that there is no need for Muslims to choose between being good citizens and being religiously faithful.

“Instead of stating you can be a good Australian and a good Muslim at the same time, he’s somehow throwing Islam under the bus and that’s where he got in trouble,” Hooper said.

More at Fox News.

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