Video: MSNBC’s Melissa Harris Perry suggests taking legal guns so men won’t shoot their wives

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Stupid-MHPIf it’s Saturday, MSNBC’s Melissa Harris Perry is certain to say something stupid.  And this Saturday is no exception.

During a panel discussion about guns in America, the MSNBC liberal told Jon Shane, a former cop who currently works as a professor of criminal justice at John Jay College in New York, that lots of people shoot their wives with perfectly legal guns.  Moreover, she said, “they wouldn’t if they did not have them.”  Of course, she provided no statistics to back up her claim.

Video of the statement can be seen below:

Shane responded: “But we’re not going to take guns away from people. We’re just going to make it harder for law-abiding citizens to get them.”

Which, of course, is the idea…

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H/T Daily Caller



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