Video: Millennials can’t tell difference between Democrats and socialists

socialistIt seems DNC boss Debbie Wasserman Schultz isn’t the only one who can’t explain the difference between Democrats and socialists.

A video put out by Campus Reform shows that a number of millennials apparently can’t tell the difference either.  You can see the video below:

Syndicated columnist Susan Stamper Brown explains part of the reason for this:

The progressive left has cannibalized the Democrat[ic] Party to the point that even its chairman, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, can no longer differentiate between today’s democrat and a socialist. Or, if she can, she’s afraid to explain the difference, which is what likely happened during two recent interviews where she had to change the subject rather than speak to the question. So apparently, there is nothing to see here, time to move on.

Writing at the Federalist Papers, Brittany Soares adds:

In truth, there’s not much of a difference at all anymore. Everything has moved left. Left is Socialist. So today’s Democrat is practically a Socialist.

But wait, there’s more.  A poll conducted in May found that nearly half of Democrats love socialism, which would explain why Bernie Sanders is doing so well against Hillary Clinton.  And remember — both are socialists, but Sanders is the only one with the guts to admit it.

And keep in mind that Democrats across the country are ditching Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson while embracing the ideology of Karl Marx.  The head of the Communist PArty USA has also pledged to work with Democrats to advance the CPUSA agenda.

So it’s easy to explain why people can’t tell the difference between Democrats today and socialists.  There really isn’t any difference between them.


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Video: Millennials can’t tell difference between Democrats and socialists