Video: Maxine Waters promises reparations for blacks in ‘stump speech for 2020’

While speaking at an event in Selma, Alabama on Saturday, Maxine Waters, the California Democrat obsessed with impeachment and conspiracy theories involving Russia, said she would “be happy” to secure reparations for black Americans, the Daily Caller and others reported.

“I’d be happy to do that. That’s no problem,” she said when pressed on the issue.

“In order to get where we need to go on this issue and other issues, we really got to understand that 2018 is important in taking back the House and taking back the Senate,” she said. “And of course, we’ve got to get the White House back.”

“If we want to get to the point where we can get reparations, we’ve got to have the power to do that, number one, by having a supportive president would be wonderful, but taking back the House would be absolutely wonderful,” Waters added.

Prior to this, Waters attacked President Trump, calling him a bully.

“He’s a bully — he has a bully mentality,” she said of Trump.

“We need someone in the presidency who not only has good sense but understands diplomacy and understands what we need to do to have peace in this world so we can all look forward to the possibility that we’re someday going to have a world that’s about peace and justice and respect for individual liberty,” she added.

“Is that your stump speech for 2020?” CNN commentator Angela Rye asked.

Waters laughed and said “that’s kinda it,” the Daily Caller said.

“Is she running? Is she running?” Rye pressed.

Waters, however, didn’t answer.

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Here’s video, courtesy of the American Mirror:


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