Video: Maryland man arrested by FBI after allegedly receiving payments from ISIS to attack Americans

terrorarrestOn Monday, NBC Washington reported that Mohamad Elshinawy was arrested on allegations of providing material support to ISIS.

According to the FBI, Elshinawy pledged his allegiance to ISIS and said his “soul was over there with the jihadists.”

NBC added:

Elshinawy was formally charged Monday in U.S. District court in Baltimore with attempting to provide material support or resources to a designated foreign terrorist organization, obstruction of agency proceedings, and making false statements and falsifying or concealing material facts.

The FBI said Elshinawy was instructed by ISIS to “cause destruction” or to conduct a terrorist attack in the United States. He allegedly pretended to sell printers on eBay to mask payments coming from a suspected ISIS operative. Elshinawy received the payments through Western Union and PayPal, authorities said.

NBC investigative reporter Scott Macfarlane issued a number of tweets about the arrest:

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Video report from NBC can be seen below:

According to the report, there were no plans for an attack.  Yet.

But this can’t be, according to Hillary Clinton

A post at the Right Scoop correctly notes:

If this is accurate, then it would be the first proven case of a directly ordered and funded ISIS attack planned on Americans. And that means there are possibly more on the way.

Exit question: How high does the body count have to get before liberals admit there’s a problem?


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