Video: Marvel Comics has Capt. America beat up conservatives over illegal immigration

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pccaptamericaIt seems that liberal hate and political correctness has infected Marvel Comics.

According to a video report published Thursday by the MacIver Institute, Marvel’s new Captain America has a new villain — conservatives opposed to illegal immigration.  Now, it seems that according to Marvel, stopping the flood of illegal immigration is something that only evil, white conservative terrorists do, and it must be stopped by the new liberal, politically-correct superhero.

Pardon me while I break out my barf bag.

A post at the Right Scoop notes:

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This is obviously a response to Donald Trump making illegal immigration a huge issue in this election campaign. Liberals can’t stand the idea of illegals being deported or a big wall being built to keep them from coming in. So they portray conservatives like Trump, Cruz, and others as right-wing terrorists and illegal immigration as something to be defended.

Geez, it’s getting harder and harder to give anything Marvel comics does the time of day. Heck, this season of Agents of Shield has an openly gay character who just finds out he has to go back in the ‘closet’ because of his newfound super powers.

Seriously, this is taking political correctness way too far.  And I suspect Marvel may find that it’ll end up hurting them in the long run.

The Gateway Pundit also observes that Marvel is now owned by Disney, which also controls ABC and ESPN.  No liberal agenda there, right?

Perhaps it’s time conservatives let Marvel know how they feel by using the most powerful tool they have — their wallets.


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