Video: Lyin’ Joe Biden Tells Another Whopper In Flip-Flop On SCOTUS Nominations, Reveals Hypocrisy

How can you tell when Joe Biden is lying?  Easy!  His lips move and sound issues from his mouth.  Responding to President Trump’s nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court, Biden told yet another whopper and in the process, revealed his own hypocrisy on the subject of election year SCOTUS nominations, and his own ignorance of history.

“Shortly before Justice Ginsburg passed, she told her granddaughter, and I quote, ‘My most fervent wish is that I will not be replaced until a new president is installed.’ End of quote. It wasn’t a personal request. It wasn’t a favor being asked for. It was the last act of a long, unflinching career of standing up for American democracy,” he said, as though Ginsburg’s last words somehow invalidate the Constitution.

“Never before in our nation’s history has a Supreme Court justice been nominated and installed while a presidential election is already underway. It defies every precedent, every expectation of a nation where the people, the people, are sovereign and the rule of law reigns,” he added.

Here’s video as posted to Twitter:

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Let’s start with his hypocrisy, as demonstrated by his own words back in 2016:

You heard that right.  It seems lyin’ Joe had a different opinion back in those days.  What happened?  Why did he change his mind?  Oh yeah, there was a Democrat in office at the time.  Applying something called “logic,” one can only conclude that Biden doesn’t think the Constitution applies to Trump, or to Republicans in general.

Others noted that this is not the first time that someone has been nominated and confirmed for the Court in an election year:


And, it turns out, Biden is lying yet again.  That doesn’t surprise us, since lying is basically one of the few things he seems to do best.  In fact, he once said he would be dead and gone before 2020 rolled around:

The National Review tells us that, “it would be political suicide for Republicans to refrain from filling a vacancy unless some law or important traditional norm was against them. There is no such law and no such norm; those are all on their side. Choosing not to fill a vacancy would be a historically unprecedented act of unilateral disarmament. It has never happened once in all of American history. There is no chance that the Democrats, in the same position, would ever reciprocate, as their own history illustrates.”

Wait, what?

Dan McLaughlin goes on to say:

Twenty-nine times in American history there has been an open Supreme Court vacancy in a presidential election year, or in a lame-duck session before the next presidential inauguration. (This counts vacancies created by new seats on the Court, but not vacancies for which there was a nomination already pending when the year began, such as happened in 1835–36 and 1987–88.) The president made a nomination in all twenty-nine cases. George Washington did it three times. John Adams did it. Thomas Jefferson did it. Abraham Lincoln did it. Ulysses S. Grant did it. Franklin D. Roosevelt did it. Dwight Eisenhower did it. Barack Obama, of course, did it. Twenty-two of the 44 men to hold the office faced this situation, and all twenty-two made the decision to send up a nomination, whether or not they had the votes in the Senate.

During the 1844 election, for example, there were two open seats on the Court. John Tyler made nine separate nominations of five different candidates, in one case sending up the same nominee three times. He sent up a pair of nominees in December, after the election. When those failed, he sent up another pair in February (presidential terms then ended in March). He had that power. Presidents have made Supreme Court nominations as late as literally the last day of their term. In Tyler’s case, the Whig-controlled Senate had, and used, its power to block multiple nominations by a man they had previously expelled from their party.

He has much more to say on the topic, and his article is well worth reading.

The bottom line in all of this is that Joe Biden is a hypocritical, flip-flopping liar who relies on the overwhelming ignorance of his base and the lying liberal propagandists in the lying liberal media who deliberately keep his base as ignorant and uninformed as possible.

The rest of us know the truth.  Every word out of Joe Biden’s pie hole is a lie.  Period.  End of sentence.


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