Video: Liberal Jon Ossoff Loses Special Election Debate in Minutes

Liberal Democrat congressional candidate Jon Ossoff lost Tuesday night’s special election debate within minutes against Republican Karen Handel when she called him out for not living in the district, something he apparently hoped viewers wouldn’t notice.

Ossoff couldn’t even keep focused and was unable to answer questions without babbling on and on where a simple yes-or-no answer would work.

The turning point was when Handel asked Ossoff who he was going to vote for since he didn’t live in the district.

Peter Hasson of the Daily Caller reported:

As someone who lives outside the district, Ossoff is unable to cast a vote for himself. It went downhill from there for Ossoff.

After a prolonged silence, Ossoff defended himself by saying he lives outside the district in order to support his fiancé, a medical student at Emory University. He then attacked Handel for being born in Washington, D.C. and for asking about where he lives instead of the “questions of concern to the voters of the 6th District.”

“Actually, it is of concern to the voters of the 6th district that you do not live in our community. And while I was born in Washington, D.C., I didn’t get to pick where I was born but the fact is I’ve been in Georgia almost as long as you’ve even been alive,” Handel shot back. “You might live just five miles outside of the district but your values are nearly 3,000 miles away in San Francisco, and that’s why so many of your contributions have come from liberals from California, New York and Massachusetts. It’s why you’re supported by Nancy Pelosi, and folks it matters.”

“It’s no wonder that my opponent didn’t want to do the Atlanta press club debate — it was going to be aired on CNN where all folks from around the country, all of his liberal supporters were going to see it and the fake Jon Ossoff was going to collide with the real Jon Ossoff who is a Nancy Pelosi-backed liberal,” Handel concluded emphatically.

Handel was referring to the June 13 debate where Ossoff wimped out and declined to participate with her ahead of the special election for a Georgia 6th District House seat.

I attended the debate watch party and all we could do was laugh every time Ossoff spoke, especially since he refused to mention the word “Democrat” and either called himself an Independent or would intertwine “Independent” with his responses… not to mention that he lied every time he opened his mouth.

After the debate, we all walked away laughing at how people could even take him seriously with his nonsensical answers.

Ossoff often answered questions by claiming he would work through bipartisanship and reach across the aisle, which might have done well if Handel didn’t have an actual record of doing so.

Handel graduated from high school and has also spoken about how that as a teenager, she moved out of an abusive home at age 17, and through her own hard work and determination, accomplished more than most people could ever dream of. Karen worked three jobs after leaving home as she went to college at night.

Karen was first elected in 2003 as Chairman of the Fulton County (Georgia) Board of Commissioners, and she quickly earned a reputation for tenacity in balancing the county’s budget and dealing with corruption. She inherited a budget with a $100 million deficit but balanced that budget and each budget under her tenure – with sound spending reductions and no tax increases. Karen gained statewide and national attention by leading the effort to remove the corrupt Sheriff from office after an audit revealed millions in missing and misappropriated funds. Karen’s efforts led to the recovery of nearly all of the missing funds.

The special election is set to be held June 20.

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