Video: John Stossel reveals how Americans are being harassed by Border Patrol 100 miles from border

tased1In an infuriating video posted to YouTube Saturday, John Stossel reveals how American citizens are being harassed, tased and in some cases, arrested for not wanting to answer invasive questions.  Worse yet, this is happening in some cases, up to 100 miles from the border.

Meanwhile, illegal immigrants are given a pass, bussed and flown around the country — at taxpayer expense.

You can see the video below, courtesy of the Right Scoop:

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The original video has been pulled — apparently some do not want the word getting out.  We’ve found another version that’s not quite as long, but still shows what’s going on:

Here’s an even longer version, but the video quality isn’t the best…

It’s official — we now live in bizzaro world, all thanks to Barack Hussein Obama.


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