Video: In wake of San Bernardino shooting, Barbara Boxer claims California gun laws work

babsboxerThere’s stupid, then there’s Sen. Barbara “Don’t call me ma’am” Boxer, D-Calif., who actually claimed that California gun control laws work.

Worse yet, she made the claim some 24 hours after the tragic San Bernardino shooting.

Here’s video of her statement, courtesy of the Washington Free Beacon:

Nevertheless, she and the rest of the anti-gun Democratic Party won’t be happy until the Second Amendment is repealed and all guns are confiscated from law-abiding citizens.

A post at The Right Scoop adds:

This is like Angela Merkel saying, “y’know we really have a pretty decent history of not attempting to genocide peoples!”

But hey, it’s California, if more than 50% of the citizens weren’t complete morons,* then we wouldn’t have these absurdly stupid liberals at the top of their government.

Very true.


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