Video: Hillary Clinton supporters sign petition to repeal Bill of Rights

dice-hillary-videoMark Dice strikes again, this time with a video showing supporters of Hillary Clinton signing a petition to repeal the Bill of Rights.

“When asked to sign a petition to supporter Hillary Clinton’s ‘plan’ to repeal the Bill of Rights, many of her supporters happily did so,” Dice said in the YouTube description.

Check out this video for yourself and see what kind of people are now supporting the Democratic Party:

One person asked Dice, “[H]ow many takes were left out for this video where people understood what you asked for?”

“Not very many at all,” Dice said in response. “It’s scary.”

Scary, yes.  Surprising? Not at all, when one considers the number of Democrats who now love socialism and the number of people who have signed Dice’s previous petitions.

This, by the way, is why we call them “low-information voters.”


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