Video: Hillary asked if she’ll drop out if she’s indicted over emails

hillary-email-drop-out-575x368During Wednesday’s Democratic Party debate, Hillary Clinton was actually asked a hard question by Jorge Ramos about her email.

“When you were Secretary of State you wrote 104 emails in your private server that the government now says contained classified information according to the Washington Post and others,” he said.  “That goes against a memo that you personally sent to your employees in 2011 directing all of them to use official email precisely because of security concerns. So it seems that you issued one set of rules for yourself and a different set of rules for the rest at the State Department.”

“Who specifically gave you permission to operate your email system as you did? Was it President Barack Obama? And would you drop out of the race if you get indicted?”

Check out her answer in the video below:

She admits that she made a “mistake.”  No, it appears more and more as though she blatantly violated the law, but apparently, she thinks the law doesn’t apply to her.  She’s a Clinton, after all…

Naturally, her followers cheered her answer.



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