Video: Harry Reid’s goon physically assaults conservative journalist

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assaultIf you’re a conservative and you ask Sen. Harry “Dingy” Reid, D-Nev., a question, you can expect to find yourself physically assaulted by one of his goons.

According to a video posted Thursday at the Daily Surge, that’s exactly what happened to Jason Mattera, a conservative journalist and author of “CRAPITALISM: Liberals Who Make Millions Swiping Your Tax Dollars.”

According to the Daily Surge, Mattera simply asked Reid a question about his wealth.  Reid refused to answer, and the video clearly shows Mattera being physically assaulted.  Moreover, the video shows Mattera did nothing other than ask a simple question.

The Daily Surge added:

Mattera, who publishes Daily Surge, followed up. “How does someone on a government salary most of their career accumulate your type of wealth?” Still, there was no answer from Reid.

Suddenly, one of the Majority Leader’s bodyguards intervened. “Are you press?” he asked, before shoving Mattera and then pinning him against a wall.

“What are you doing holding me up like that?” Mattera asked the bodyguard.

After the author identified himself as a member of the press, the bodyguard retorted, “I don’t care if you’re press or not.” The man refused to give Mattera his name.

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Got that?  Ask Dingy Harry a question and you can find yourself assaulted.  Welcome to the new America, courtesy of Dingy Harry and Barack Obama.

The video, courtesy of the Daily Surge, can be seen below:


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