Video: Georgia parents outraged after school teaches 6th graders tenets of Islam

islamschoolWhere’s the Freedom from Religion folks when they’re really needed?  According to a report at Fox35 in Orlando, parents in Walton County, Georgia, are livid after learning their 6th-grade children are being taught the tenets of Islam — in a public school.

The school says it covers other religions as well, but one parent said that only one page is dedicated to Christianity while five to 10 pages are dedicated to Islam.  The Fox35 video report can be seen below:


Fox 35 added:

A spokesperson with the Walton County School District told FOX 5 News that the three major religions of Islam, Christianity, and Judaism are taught in a historical context. School officials said there have only been two complaints into the district so far.

According to the story, the school is teaching that Allah is the same as the Christian or Jewish God.  I believe there are many who would strongly disagree with that assessment.

One parent believes he has a solution, Fox added.  I have a solution as well.  Leave the teaching of religion to the parents or at least let the parents decide if they want their kids exposed to it.  If the parents are okay with their kids being indoctrinated learning about religion from a public school that really isn’t equipped to teach it, then fine.  That’s called “freedom of choice,” something liberals talk about but never truly practice.

I have a couple other questions.  First, is the school teaching the children about Sharia law and the brutal punishment meted out for the tiniest infractions?

Secondly, where are the perpetually-outraged atheist groups on this?  Organizations like the Freedom from Religion Foundation and the ACLU go apoplectic anytime two lines cross at a 90 degree angle.  Why aren’t they jumping up and down demanding the school drop the course?

Oh, wait…

It’s not the first report of Islam being taught in public schools.  In 2013, a Kansas school put up a poster highlighting the five pillars of Islam.  Earlier this month, our very own Steven H. Ahle presented a report about one school in Tennessee that spent three weeks on the subject.

It’s enough to make you think they’re actually proselytizing our children…

H/T Gateway Pundit


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