Video: Free speech under assault in America thanks to Islam

exerciseHow bad are things getting in America?  Try this.  Thanks to the efforts of Islamic groups and their liberal allies, free speech — the right guaranteed by the First Amendment — is under assault in America.

That threat was explained in a concise four-minute video posted Tuesday by the Lawfare Project, and it’s worth watching.

Here, then, is the video:

The video notes that while Christianity, Scientology, Buddhism and Judaism are all open to criticism, commentary and even ridicule, Islam is not.

In fact, this writer has been told — and learned the hard way — that articles critical of Islam can end up being censored and falsely flagged if posted on Facebook.  Counter-terror experts have also said Muslim groups are working with Facebook to silence any criticism.

One page, for example, was unpublished by Facebook over a false and defamatory allegation of pornography.

Free speech must be free to all, or it is free to none.


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