Video: Former chief of staff to Colin Powell falsely claims Israel just like ISIS

wilkersonIt seems liberals really do live in an alternate universe where up is down and evil is good.

While appearing on the official network of insane liberal hate — a.k.a. MSNBC — Lawrence Wilkerson, the former chief of staff to Colin Powell, falsely claimed that conditions in Gaza under the Israelis are just like those in Iraq under the murderous assault of ISIS.  Seriously.

There’s only one problem — Israel isn’t beheading children, burying women and children alive, nor are Israeli troops cutting five-year-old boys in half.  In short, it’s a damn lie.

That’s actually happening in Iraq, and it’s being done by the murderous creatures that make up ISIS.  Of course, the Democrat-media complex won’t ever tell you any of that because it goes against their template.

Besides, liberals are too busy protesting the U.S. while turning a blind eye to the genocide and the real war crimes taking place in Iraq.

Blogger Soopermexican noted at the Right Scoop:

I’m not sure what kind of brain damage you have to suffer to compare the rapists and murderers of ISIS to the Israeli’s defensive strikes against Hamas, but Wilkerson even implies that the Israelis are worse because there are more casualties from their attack. I guess he’s not counting all the beheadings and mass executions? Maybe he’s just bad at math. Common Core, definitely.

Apparently, the same kind of brain damage all liberals suffer from.  It’s the kind of thing that makes moonbats think bombs won’t help alleviate the suffering in Iraq because they might kill some of the bloodthirsty murderers that make up ISIS.

Video below:


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