Video: Eyewitness says Islamic Boko Haram burned mother alive

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boko-haramThis is absolute evil.  In a shocking video posted to YouTube Sunday, a young eyewitness told BBC the Islamic terror group Boko Haram shot her father.

When she was captured, they forced her to watch other killings, and burned her mother alive in front of her.

The video can be seen below, courtesy of the BBC:

In the YouTube description, the BBC notes:

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**This report contains some first hand accounts of the violence you may find distressing** Focus on Africa’s Nigeria correspondent, Will Ross has had rare access to a camp for displaced people in Yola, the capital of Adamawa state. As Boko Haram militants tear through towns and villages, murdering and kidnapping as they go – what becomes of those who survive? Thousands of people are forced to flee their homes – taking with them the harrowing memories of what they have seen.

Meanwhile, liberals like Dean Obeidallah want us to believe Islam has nothing to do with this…


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