Video: Evil Hillary Clinton watches flag fall on floor, does nothing

Evil Hillary Clinton watches US flag fall to ground, does nothing
Screengrab: YouTube

It seems the Democrats really have a problem with the U.S. flag.  They refused to display it on the first day of their convention in Philadelphia, but added some on the second day as an afterthought — after everyone noticed it.

After Hillary Clinton, the most evil person ever nominated by a major party for the highest office in the land, gave her acceptance speech, she literally watched a U.S. flag fall on the ground.

And did nothing.  At all.

Here’s video:

You’ll notice that no one else bothered to step in and keep the flag from falling on the floor.

And of course, the lapdog media was too busy celebrating Hillary to do anything, either.

Maybe if it had been a Soviet flag, she might have had a different reaction.

Twitchy noticed something else in this clip.  According to Twitchy, a “sad child” thinks former president Bill Clinton will let her have a balloon as a nice keepsake, “but at the last second, he literally snatches it away from her.”

What a monster.

By the way, it’s not the first time the Clinton camp has been, well, dismissive of the national flag as we reported here.

There is one consolation, however.  At least they didn’t try to set it on fire.

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