Video: Drunk man praises Allah in Idaho restaurant, frightens customers, gets tackled by staff members

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bar in Caldwell, Idaho, restaurant
Screengrab: WTVB

On Friday night, a drunk man in a Caldwell, Idaho, restaurant jumped on a bar and “praised Allah as the only god,” WTVB reported Saturday.

His action panicked customers, especially since he was wearing a backpack when he jumped on the bar, restaurant owners Jessie and Aaron Horsewood said.

WTVB added:

“It was surreal,” Jessie Horsewood said. “There were purses left on chairs, cell phones left on tables.”

They say Bell was wearing a backpack and it worried customers that he was carrying a weapon.

The Horsewoods, along with the bartender and several other staff members, pulled the man, Ralmanzow Bell, 21, down from the bar and outside.

“All this is going on real fast and I”m just trying to get him away,” Horsewood’s bartender, Christopher Ozuna, told KTVB.

Ozuna ripped Bell’s backpack off and staff members proceeded to tackle Bell to the ground outside, holding him there until police arrived.

“We had to react in the way that we did,” Aaron Horsewood, said.

Caldwell police say customers were fearful of the backpack Bell was wearing and thought he might have had a weapon on him.

“That’s what panicked people,” Lt. Hoadley said. “Not necessarily what he was saying- that maybe contributed to it- but that, along with a backpack, and then people saying he had a gun. It startled people.”

Witnesses say it was a surreal experience.

No doubt.

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Bell’s backpack was searched, and only alcohol was found inside.  Nevertheless, he was charged with disorderly conduct.  According to WTVB, it’s not his first run-in with the law.

“He’s been involved in the criminal justice system several times,” WTVB said.

Here’s a video report, courtesy of WTVB:


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