Video: Democrats use George W. Bush in ad, declare war against term ‘radical Islam’

bush-dnc adAfter years of attacking and blaming former President George W. Bush for everything bad that happens in the world, Democrats decided to take his words out of context in an ad declaring war on the term “radical Islam,” the Clarion Project reported Sunday.

According to the Democrats, using the term “radical Islam,” is “equating Islam, all Muslims, with terrorists.”  The DNC also attacks the use of the terms “radical Islamic terrorism,” “radical Muslims” and “radical Islamic jihadists” by Republican presidential candidates, saying, “It’s oversimplification and it’s wrong.”

But it’s the DNC that is engaging in oversimplifications.  And as usual, the DNC is 180 degrees out of phase with a majority of Americans who agree with the use of the term.

The Clarion Project added:

No Republican presidential candidate who has used the term “radical Islam” — much less the majority of the Americans who agree with this use of the term “radical Islam” – intends to indict an entire faith group for the behavior of some of its members.

To wit, in America, the number of hate crimes against Muslims actually decreased during the past year. And in France, a Pew poll suggested the approval ratings of Muslims in France increased in the months after the Charlie Hebdo attack. Significantly, the increased approval rating was manifest in all political strata, from those identifying as left to moderate and right. (French people saying they held “favorable” or “mostly favorable” attitudes towards Muslims numbered 85, 82 and 65 percent, respectively.)

Here’s the DNC ad:

Are Democrats really this stupid?  Or are they purposefully working to help the terrorists?


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