[Video] Democrats Confusing Hate for Love, Known Conservative Responds

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deranged-democratsDemocrats continue their anger, rage, violence, and other acts of disobedience over Republican Donald Trump’s victory.  Many Americans have had enough — so much so, that black conservative Alfonzo Rachel decided to respond to those deranged Democrats.

The Democrats are so outraged that they cannot have it their way, that they have recently demanded a recount, on the liberal MoveOn.org site, in Indiana, Wisconsin, Michigan, Arizona, North Carolina, Florida and Pennsylvania.

Their reason is that they claim that Donald Trump lost the election and he allegedly had only won because of about 100,000 votes in a couple of swing states. Then they have the nerve to claim that voter fraud, so-called suppression, and Russian hacking made the difference.

Alfonzo Rachel stated, “If Democrats love the First Amendment so much, why aren’t they abiding by the clause to peaceably protest? If they swear that war is not the answer, then why are they being so hostile?”

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Democrats have become so hostile, that in Michigan, the Detroit Free Press reported that electors in Michigan are now receiving death threats from pro-Hillary liberals.

One elector received an email from a deranged Hillary supporter who threatened to put a bullet in his mouth and Infowars said they have received reports that electors in Ohio are receiving similar violent threats.

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