Video: Democrat Calls Pro-life Activist Star Parker Ignorant

Founder and president of the Center for Urban Renewal and Education, nationally syndicated columnist, and pro-life activist Star Parker, was berated and insulted by Rep. Steve Cohen, D-Tenn., due to her testimony at a Congressional Committee hearing about abortion on Friday.

Parker, who is black, testified how abortion does not address the needs of the most vulnerable in our country and should not be considered a government program such as Medicaid or food stamps (SNAP) and those social issues of low-income women should not be conflated with abortion.

The hearing was in relation to the Heartbeat Protection Act, H.R. 490, a Republican pro-life proposed measure, would give legal protection to unborn babies once their heartbeat is detected.

Star Parker:

During my testimony yesterday at a Congressional Committee hearing about abortion, I testified how abortion does not address the needs of the most vulnerable in our country and should NOT be considered a government program such as Medicaid or food stamps (SNAP). What you’ll see below is what is now a viral video of an attack on me from Democratic Representative Steve Cohen because he was so offended by my message.

You will see his attack in the video below where he told me I was ignorant.

“When it comes to mixing the abortion issue with the challenges that we face in many of our hard-hit communities, I feel it disingenuous that the issues of Medicaid would come up and other opportunities for us to readdress what has happened and broken down in our most distressed zip codes, the way that Planned Parenthood specifically targets these particular zip codes with abortion,” Parker said at the hearing. “Abortion is the leading cause of death in the black community today. Since Roe v. Wade was legalized, 20 million humans have been killed inside of the womb of black women and then on Halloween, Planned Parenthood tweets out that black women are safest if they abort their child rather than bring it to term.”

“Also, after the hearing, Cohen approached me, put his finger in my face, and gave me his office number. He told me to come and apologize to him in person, “Parker said.

“This offended liberal congressman represents the poor parts of Memphis, Tennessee. These are distressed communities where CURE works to spread our message about limited government. These communities have a poverty rate that is the highest in the nation at 30 percent and climbing!”

Parker continued and said, “Eight of the zip codes in and around his district have tripled the rate of infant mortality than the rest of the nation. If this area was its own country, it would be the fourth worst in the world for infant mortality.”

The Heartbeat Protection Act is Co-sponsored by 169 Representatives and it has more than enough support to pass the U.S. House if it’s brought to the floor. Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, introduced the bill, HR 490. It’s called the Heartbeat Protection Act of 2017.

Only one Democrat, Minnesota’s Rep. Collin Peterson, is a co-sponsor.

NARAL Pro-Choice’s America’s October 26 press release about today’s hearing didn’t mention the word “heartbeat.”

Pro-abortion groups have tried to focus their messaging on how many women don’t know they’re pregnant during the first few weeks of pregnancy. By the time they seek abortions, their babies’ hearts have begun to beat, Life Site reported.

An October 27 email blast from the Center for American Progress put the word “heartbeat” in scare quotes, as if to suggest a fetal heartbeat is not really a heartbeat. The bill is “not based in scientific fact,” the left-wing group claimed, despite the wealth of evidence available in embryology textbooks and the experiences of countless new parents hearing heartbeats at their first or second OB/GYN appointment during pregnancy.

The abortion lobby is going “ballistic,” observed Porter. They are going to have to acknowledge that “this fellow human being in the womb has a detectable heartbeat.”

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