Video of the Day: Watch ‘Gasoline’ Maxine Waters tell Trump to ‘just get out’

Today’s video of the day comes to us courtesy of the American Mirror, which reported on Wednesday that “Gasoline” Maxine Waters, the California Democrat obsessed with impeachment and conspiracy theories involving the Russians, went nuts, telling President Trump to, “just get out” so she won’t have to keep up her non-stop calls for impeachment.

According to Kyle Olson:

The Time 100 honoree (why?) told the magazine during its ceremony that she wants Trump to “just get out” of office.

“If you had to give some advice to President Trump, what advice would you give him?” a Time reporter asked Waters on the red carpet.

“Please resign so that I won’t have to keep up this fight of your having to be impeached, because I don’t think you deserve to be there.

“Just get out!” she declared.

The president has previously dismissed Waters as “low I.Q.”

Here’s the video:

Waters, by the way, still has not condemned death threats against President Trump…


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