Video of the Day: Tucker Carlson shreds Nancy Pelosi’s bigoted speech praising illegals

As we reported earlier Thursday, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., gave a speech in the House praising illegal immigrants for more than eight hours.  This after she couldn’t spend two minutes applauding Trump’s accomplishments at the State of the Union.  Things like low black and Hispanic unemployment, God, veterans and America in general.

Instead, she went on an insane rant in which she lauded her grandson’s wish to have brown skin and eyes and somehow made the connection that amnesty is God’s work and a form of worship.

And in the process, she falsely accused Trump of being anti-immigrant.  He’s not — he’s anti-illegal immigrant.

Carlson also addressed a statement made by Chief of Staff John Kelly that has leftists up in arms.

Here’s the video:

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