Video of the Day: Tucker Carlson addresses Facebook’s censorship and suppression of conservatives

We’ve recently reported that conservative sites have been hit hardest by Facebook’s algorithm changes while liberal sites like CNN have seen a boost.  This has been backed up by two separate studies.  Meanwhile, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has suggested a “trade-off” between free speech and expression for safety and an “informed community.”

But how can society be fully informed on all sides of an issue if only one side is allowed to be seen, heard or read?

On Thursday, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson addressed the issue, noting that some conservative sites are on the brink of ruin while liberal sites haven’t been hurt.

He discussed this issue with Floyd Brown, founder of Western, who said that Facebook has “broken its trust” with end users.

Brown said that Facebook is “no longer a social network” given that Zuckerberg and other Silicon Valley elites, who generally tend to be quite liberal, decide what we should be allowed to consume.

Now, Facebook, along with Google, control all online content with zero oversight or accountability.  Worse yet, they can — and often do — shut down sites with opinions they don’t like.

Facebook, Brown said, is now optimized to the left-wing thought police instead of the end user.

Here’s the discussion:

As a result of this apparent effort to silence non-liberal voices, alternative sites like ProAmerica Only and Patriotic Space (formerly Rightbook) have sprung up, joining already established outlets like Tea Party Community.  There’s even an alternative for Christians — SocialCross.  Users also seem to be gravitating towards other social media outlets that champion free expression, like Gab.aiMeWe and

Unfortunately, none of these sites have anywhere near the reach that Facebook has — at least for the moment.

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Moreover, Rasmussen said that “just over half of regular Facebook users are considering bailing out of the popular social media site over concerns about the privacy of their personal data.”

It’s time for Republicans in Congress to step up and take action, but we’re not hopeful based on what we’ve seen come out of Washington, D.C.

H/T: Gateway Pundit


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