Video of the Day: Treason charges for those who abused FISA?

In today’s video of the day, talk show host and Conservative Firing Line contributor Josh Bernstein said there should be treason charges for those named in the memo that details abuses of the FISA process.

“I don’t mince my words. These sub human animals need to be dealt with and yes even some must face the ultimate price.  They are criminals, thieves, usurpers, frauds, and treasonous level enemies of the United States. And what do we do with traitors in America? This is a well sourced, documented, legal and judicial case for indicting these 12 people,” Bernstein said in the YouTube description.

Here’s the video:

According to Politico:

“The full-throated adoption of this illegal misconduct and abuse of FISA by James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Sally Yates and Rod Rosenstein is not just criminal but constitutes treason,” Gosar wrote in a statement.

Gosar said he would urge Attorney General Jeff Sessions to seek “criminal prosecution against these traitors to our nation.” Treason under the Constitution is punishable by death.

The White House’s decision to release the memo came despite strong objections from the Justice Department and FBI, whose top officials expressed serious concerns over the document’s accuracy.

Comey, the former FBI director whose firing prompted special counsel Robert Mueller to be brought on to oversee the federal investigation into Russian election meddling, slammed the document in a tweet on Friday.


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