Video of the Day: Steven Crowder discusses censorship on Twitter and YouTube

Today’s video of the day comes from Steven Crowder, who was banned from Twitter and censored by YouTube within minutes of posting a video.

According to Conservative Review:

Three members of the “Louder with Crowder” studio team, including CRTV host Steven Crowder, have been suspended from Twitter after posting a video of a show intern infiltrating a “Gender Non-conformity” meetup at the SXSW conference in Austin, Texas, last weekend. Crowder’s suspension from Twitter comes following vicious assaults on his character by leftists smearing him as a “neo-Nazi” and alt-right racists using fake social media posts to wrongly claim that Crowder is one of them.

On Tuesday, Twitter notified Crowder, his producer Jared Monroe, and his intern, who goes by the alias Sven Computer, that the video violated Twitter rules against hateful conduct and that their accounts would be temporarily limited. The video has also been removed from YouTube for violating the terms of service. Initially, the Crowder team believed their original posts were removed because the word “f*ggot” was not censored.

More on that here.

Censorship on social media has become a serious problem as leftist-run social media giants seem to be deliberately targeting conservatives for somewhat questionable reasons.

Twitter not only censors conservatives, but allow tweets from liberal hatemongers that actually violate federal law…

Crowder also said Twitter took his money, helped design the ads, then said the ads violate their standards…

In the video below, Crowder says that he “and his half Asian lawyer, Bill, give you the inside scoop on Youtube and Twitter’s coordinated ban of all things Louder with Crowder.”


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