Video of the Day: Michael Moore says America must be ‘cleansed’ of ‘white male supremacy,’ system ‘overturned’

While speaking to fellow leftists at a so-called “People’s State of the Union” event in Manhattan, wealthy filmmaker Michael Moore said that America must be “cleansed” of “white male supremacy” and the entire “system” overturned to ensure that no one like Donald Trump is ever elected to office again.

The removal of Trump and Vice President Mike Pence from office, “Still won’t be enough,” he said. “We must remove and replace the system and the culture that gave us Trump in the first place,” he added.

“He did not just fall out of the sky and land in Queens,” Moore said.” He is a result….of us never correcting the three original sins of America – a nation founded on genocide, built on the backs of slaves and maintained through the subjugation of women to second class citizenship and economic disempowerment.”

“As we seek to rid ourselves of Trump, we must also cleanse our American soul of its white male privilege, its voracious greed,” he continued.

Here’s the relevant portion of his fact-free rant:

Moore didn’t elaborate on how, exactly, he intends to cleanse “white supremacy” from America.  Did he mean to do it the way it was done in the former African nation of Rhodesia, now known as Zimbabwe?

As the Guardian reported back in 2001:

They see it as their Kosovo. The last few dozen white farmers left in a sprawling patch of northern Zimbabwe have fallen back on tactics learned from the Rhodesian bush war three decades ago, but without the guns.

From before dawn until after midnight the white men of Doma patrol the sprawling web of farm tracks in pairs, staying in touch by radio, in an attempt to counter the organised plunder of their homes.

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It is a largely futile attempt to protect property but the broader intent is to establish that, while their wives and children may have gone, Doma’s farmers will not be driven out.

“This is an attempt at ethnic cleansing,” said Vernon Nicolle, a farmer who has come under attack in the past few days. “There’s absolutely no doubt that it’s orchestrated and aimed at driving whites out of the area. It’s not the poor little farm workers like the government is saying. That bastard Mugabe is behind it. In Europe, you call that ethnic cleansing.”

Is that what Moore intends?  Does he not realize that he just happens to be, ahem, white AND rich?

It’s not the first time Moore has implied a violent revolution to make America a socialist hellhole and chances are it won’t be the last.

Here’s even more if you can stomach it:

Exit question: Does Michael Moore really want a second, bloody civil war over Donald Trump?


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