Video of the Day: Diamond and Silk face off against Sheila Jackson Lee

On Thursday, the dynamic and popular pro-Trump duo Diamond and Silk faced off against Sheila Jackson Lee, the Texas Democrat once dubbed the “Congressional Boss from Hell.”

Jackson Lee tried to entrap the two into admitting they had gotten paid by the Trump campaign:

Sheila Jackson Lee: Have you ever been paid by the Trump campaign?

Lynnette Hardaway (Diamond): No. We’ve never been paid by the Trump campaign.

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Sheila Jackson Lee: You’ve never been paid by the Trump campaign?

Lynnette Hardaway (Diamond): No. We have never been paid by the Trump campaign.

Sheila Jackson Lee: 5$? 100$?

Lynnette Hardaway (Diamond): We have NEVER been paid by the Trump campaign… We have NEVER been paid. We have NEVER been paid…. Hold on a minute, Ms. Jackson. Don’t try to mince my words!

A post at Barracuda Brigade notes:

There’s a huge difference between “pay” and “expense reimbursement.” It’s not hard to see that Shelia was trying to destroy these two fine conservative ladies but they were having none of it. Texas should be ashamed of her.

Jackson Lee also tried to trap the ladies into admitting they lied about Facebook contacting them, but ended up only demonstrating her ignorance of the calendar.  She later tried to bully the chairman into letting her have more time.

This is excellent:


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