Video: Crybabies at Amherst throw temper tantrum at free-speech event

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YouTube/Campus Reform
This is a modern college student at Amherst… Credit: YouTube/Campus Reform

This is one of those incidents that prove Michael Savage’s assertion that liberalism is a mental disorder.

Earlier this week, Campus Reform reported that crybabies at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst threw a temper-tantrum during a free speech event featuring Christina Hoff Sommers, Milo Yiannopoulos, and Steven Crowder.

According to Campus Reform, the event was intended to be a forum and a discussion about the use of political correctness on campus, but anti-free speech protesters went ballistic, screaming “hate speech” and “intelligent” expletives like “f**k you.”  No doubt, they learned that from one of their alleged “instructors.”

Campus Reform added:

One of the protesters took it upon herself to pass out literature expressing her concern for the “triggering” event, claiming the speakers “all demonstrate either that you don’t give a shit about people’s trauma and pain and think it’s funny to thrust people into states of panic and distress OR that you fundamentally do not understand what a trigger is, what it means to be triggered, and what a trigger warning is meant to prevent.”

When Campus Reform asked the activist to elaborate on the flyers, she refused to provide her name or comment because, as she put it, “Campus Reform causes death and death threats due to its extreme language.”

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I’ve checked, and I was unable to find a single person who died as a result of anything Campus Reform posted.  But liberals don’t really need facts…

According to the report, students greeted the presenters with boos and middle fingers.  Intelligent, right?  Crowder responded with a middle finger of his own.

It got better:

When the protester attempts to interrupt Yiannopoulos at the beginning of the video, Hoff Sommers tells her to “calm down, young lady.” Paying no heed, the protester responds with an impassioned “Fuck you! Fuck you!”

Later on, the young lady begins loudly asserting that “hate speech is not welcome here” and demanding that the speakers “keep your hate speech off this campus,” all while insisting that she is the true embodiment of free speech.

“Stop talking to us like children!” she demands at another point.

“Then stop acting like a child,” Hoff Sommers responds coolly.

Here’s the video, and remember, these are COLLEGE students, not five-year-olds, although it’s hard to tell the difference:

These kids don’t belong in college — they need to be back in a crib, wearing diapers and sucking on a pacifier until they can learn to act like human beings.


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