Video: Conservative talker shows how LaVoy Finicum could have been shot 7 times, demands investigation

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bullet holes-truckIn recent days, speculation has grown that LaVoy Finicum may have been shot as many as nine times, including once in the face, despite FBI claims that he was shot three times.  In a video posted to YouTube on Wednesday, conservative talker Josh Bernstein explained how he could have been shot at least seven times, using footage from the FBI video.

And, Bernstein added, it appears that one of the officers involved may have actually “flipped off” Finicum even as he lay in the snow.  It’s hard to tell in the video, and it’s possible the officer may have been directing the movements of another officer off-frame.

Bernstein also provided what he thought may be one possible motive in the shooting.  Prior to the encounter, he said, Finicum and others were recorded removing expensive surveillance cameras set up by authorities.

He also demanded an investigation into the shooting. Throughout the video, Bernstein acknowledged that his analysis may be incorrect as the FBI video is quite grainy and, he added, “brought on more questions than answers.”

Here’s the entire video:

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“Why did the Oregon Police overseen by the FBI shoot a rancher to death near The Malheur National Refuge who came out of his vehicle with his hands up?” Bernstein asked.  “What was their motive in this shooting? Was this a retaliation hit for something that occurred the week before? I go through Lavoy’s shooting point by point and shot by shot. There is no one in the media that covered this story in this way with this much detail. That is not a statement. That is a fact,” he added.

It won’t be known exactly how many times Finicum was shot until the autopsy results are released and, the FBI said, that could take several weeks.  The Finicum family has also had an autopsy performed and won’t publicize the results until after the official autopsy is released, if ever.


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