Video: Conservative Groups Protest against CNN HQ in Atlanta

The Media Equality Project (MEP) held a rally outside the CNN headquarters in Atlanta on Saturday, concerning fake news revelations by the left-wing news media after the fallout from the networks Russia ‘fake news’ retraction among other false news reporting.

MEP co-founders Melanie Morgan and Brian Maloney joined by their volunteer leaders, local political activists and Atlanta talk show host Bryan Crabtree of ‘Biz1190’ and ‘AM920 The Answer’ to call for unbiased, balanced coverage of national issues that people care about.

MEP co-founders Melanie Morgan and Brian Maloney:

When President Trump criticized CNN for their “Fake News” it seems to have caused them to double-down. CNN has shown an obsessive focus with conspiracy theories that have been debunked and stories based on discredited sources.

Will Donald Trump win the 2024 election?

Numerous CNN stories have been corrected or retracted, and several journalists have been fired or forced to resign in disgrace. At a critical time for the network as CNN/Time Warner and AT&T pursue a merger, this shift has resulted in a loss of viewers.

“For too long, CNN has been allowed to warp, misrepresent and outright manufacture news events out of thin air. Real damage has been done to the targets of CNN’s misreporting, not to mention the country as a whole,” said Brian Maloney, MEP co-founder.

“We are fired up to confront CNN’s blackmail, doxxing and #CollusionDelusion head-on,” added co-founder Melanie Morgan. “Our message to the network: No more lies, conspiracy theories, or punks with reporter pads!”

Bryan Crabtree noted, “If there’s one anti-Trump protester standing in Times Square with a sign, CNN will rush a camera to the scene seizing the opportunity to make our President look defeated. It will be interesting to see if CNN will notice that real news is happening outside their front door as Americans gather to protest the hysteria and fake news being peddled by their network every day. Americans want real, truthful news and that’s why CNN is not even in the top ten – even trailing Nick at Nite.”

For the past several months, the MEP has documented the biased reporting, offensive on-air behavior, slanderous inaccuracies and other examples of manufactured news by CNN reporters.

In other examples of CNN fallacy news reporting, Media Equality Project (MEP) reported:

-Remember when former DNC Chairwoman and CNN analyst Donna Brazile slipped the answers to questions that it planned to ask then-presidential candidate Hillary Clinton? Yeah, CNN wants to forget that one.

-June 26, 2017 The most egregious scandal involving CNN, of course, revolves around three former New York Times reporters Thomas Frank, Eric Lichtblau and Lex Haris, who were forced to resign from CNN over a retracted story involving Anthony Scaramucci (a Trump supporter) and a $10 billion Russian investment fraud.

-Whoopsie! During live coverage of the 2016 elections, anchor Chris Cuomo said downloading the Podesta emails from the Wikileaks website was illegal, and that only the media could legally do so. As this was absurdly false, Cuomo came under fire.

-On October 22, 2014, CNN Newsroom host Carol Costello reported on the audio release of Bristol Palin being assaulted by a man at a party in Alaska. Costello laughed and called it “quite possibly the best minute and a half of audio we’ve ever come across.” Hilarious, right?

-In June of 2009, during CNN’s coverage of the Iranian election protests, the network used several messages posted on Twitter and attributed them to unnamed “sources”. A CNN spokesman said it was a mistake.

And of course, who could forget when James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas published an undercover video purporting to show a CNN producer saying Trump is “probably right” in claiming Russia investigations are a witch hunt.

The cable news network seems to have a long history of reporting false news to drive the leftist narratives; much like the former Soviet Union (USSR) did in controlling communist agendas by the use of propaganda and deceit to its people for its own gain.

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