Video: College students say they’re not proud of America

On Tuesday, Cabot Phillips, Media Director for Campus Reform, said he asked students at New York University, in Manhattan, if they are proud to be American.  Most of the students he highlighted in his video, which can be seen below, said they’re not proud to be Americans.

According to Phillips:

Student after student made it clear: they were not.

“No! I’m not proud of America. I’m not proud of what we’ve done,” said one student, while another simply declared, “definitely not.”

One student, addressing the concept of American Exceptionalism, said “I think we need to stop thinking we’re the best nation on Earth. It’s just egotistical and not accurate.” When asked which country is better than America, she responded, “probably some nice little socialist country in Europe.”

One student went so far as to say that “patriotic views about America” are nothing more than “a tool to be used to get people to join the Army.”

As we and others reported, a new Gallup poll not only showed a decrease in the number of Americans who considered themselves proud to be American, it showed that a majority of Democrats are not “extremely proud” to be Americans, while the exact opposite is true of Republicans.

This is no doubt the result of Marxist indoctrination in colleges coupled with the propaganda being pushed by the so-called “mainstream media,” known here as the “Democrat-media complex.”

So, did anyone say they’re actually proud to be American?  Check out the video and see for yourself:

Happy Independence Day…


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