Video: CNN’s Don Lemon uses West Wing clip to bash Christianity, Kim Davis, Matt Bevin

lemon-bevinHere we go again.  CNN’s Don Lemon actually used a clip from a left-wing program and demanded Matt Bevin respond to it.

Lemon actually seemed to get upset because Bevin refused to accept his premise.  This is a favorite tactic of left-wing media types to bash and demean their conservative guests.

Here’s the video:

Bevin handles this quite well, telling Lemon that his job as governor will not be to comment on television shows, but to protect the rights of all the citizens of Kentucky.

A post at The Right Scoop said:

Even so, Matt Bevin could have actually explained how the laws in the Old Testament were fulfilled by Christ in the New Testament, but those against homosexuality were perpetuated for thousands of years afterward by nearly every Christian thinker and believer, including those closest to the time of Christ.

Still, Bevin did a good job staying focused on his campaign and not accepting the premise of Lemon’s Christophobic attack.

Exit question:  Wonder what Lemon thinks of the threats to rape and murder Kim Davis.  Aren’t those actual violations of actual laws?  Oh wait, that doesn’t matter because she’s a Christian…


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