Video: Chris Matthews shows sympathy for Scalise shooter James Hodgkinson

On Wednesday, Wayne Dupree posted video of a statement uttered by MSNBC propagandist Chris Matthews that is simply unbelievable.  In it, Matthews appears to show sympathy for James Hodgkinson, the man who was shot as he tried to murder Republicans practicing for a charity baseball game.

“We don’t know what sadness was in this guy’s life,” Matthews said of Hodgkinson.


Here’s video of his comment:

Dupree added:

I am not shocked that the fake stream media is not asking themselves what did we do reflective attitude, not even shocking they give this guy a pass because if they didn’t, they would need to admit their lies.

Leftists always find a special place in their hearts for a Terrorist.

He was a Democrat/Bernie supporter who was fed a steady diet of hatred from the MSM/cable “news” shows/late night comedy(?) shows aimed at not only President Trump but Republicans in general. This was not an “if” situation, it was always a “when.”

This shooting was inevitable, and just the beginning.

We may not know what “sadness,” if any, existed in Hodgkinson’s heart, but we do know the hatred he felt for Trump and Republicans in general.

And to be clear — liberal pundits like Matthews helped create the environment for this shooting.

The only question that remains is this — how many more Hodgkinsons are out there waiting to try their hand at mass murder?


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