Video: Canadian college students pick dead Nazi general to lead peacekeeping force

Ryerson student says Nazi general Rommel would be good choice for peacekeeping forceIt seems that ignorance of modern history is not limited to students on colleges in the United States.  In a video posted to YouTube on Monday, students at Toronto’s Ryerson University told Rebel Media’s David Menzies that Erwin Rommel, also known as the “Desert Fox,” would be a great choice to head up a possible Canadian peacekeeping force in Africa.

Keep in mind that Rommel — besides being just a little bit dead — was a Nazi general personally promoted by Adolf Hitler.

Here’s the video:

Menzies told the students that Rommel has had a great deal of experience in African campaigns and being German, he would fit the multicultural angle perfectly.

Naturally, upon hearing all that, the students gleefully endorsed the dead Nazi.

“That’s great,” one student said.  “You want to have someone who’s experienced with that culture doing that.”

“Sounds like he’s the right man for the job.”

Another student said Rommel should learn English so as to be better understood.

“I think he’d be a great choice,” another student said. “I see he’s doing a lot of positive stuff.”  The student went on to call the pick a good step for humanity.

Yet another student told Menzies that “we gotta make sure that we send someone who’s peace-keeping and not a warmonger.”

According to its website, Ryerson is “Canada’s leader in innovative, career-focused education and a university clearly on the move. It is a distinctly urban university with a focus on innovation and entrepreneurship. Ryerson has a mission to serve societal need and a long-standing commitment to engaging its community.”

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Maybe they should consider adding a semester of 20th century history to its curriculum…


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