Video: Bundy’s comments appear to have been taken out of context

BundyIf the Democrat-media complex is to be believed, Cliven Bundy is a racist who deserves to be droned out of existence because he allegedly wants to bring back slavery.

But videos posted earlier Thursday seem to show that the New York Times and other outlets took Bundy’s comments out of context in an apparent effort to demonize Bundy and his supporters.  I know that may come as a surprise, but it is what it is.

The Inquisitr noted:

The New York Times article which has now been republished by The Blaze and a host of other media outlets, does not include a video of Cliven Bundy’s speech or a comment from the Gold Butte are rancher about the allegedly derogatory racial statement. The Times piece stated that Bundy wondered whether “blacks might have been better off as slaves picking cotton” when referencing the rancher’s remarks about “the negro.”

In short, the Times and The Blaze did not include ALL of Bundy’s comments.  So once again, it’s left to alternative media sources to do the job the Democrat-media complex refused to do.

Here’s the edited video promoted by Media Matters and reported on by the New York Times and The Blaze:

Here’s the full clip of those comments:

Here’s the entire press conference:

What say you now, New York Times?  Glenn Beck?

Bundy spoke to Alex Jones about this issue earlier:

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Meanwhile, liberals continue to call for Bundy and his supporters to be killed by drones.