Video: Brit Hume, Ed Henry identify Hillary’s ‘mystery man’ at debate

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debate mystery manOn Monday, a number of people began wondering who it was that met Democrat Hillary Clinton prior to her first debate with Donald Trump and appeared to remove something from her podium immediately afterward.  Many said it was evidence that the debate was rigged to help Clinton.  On Friday, however, Twitchy said that Fox News’ Brit Hume and Ed Henry revealed who the man is.

According to the report, his name is Brady C. Williamson, and it turns out he’s a long-time Democrat operative who’s helped Hillary prepare for the debates in both the primaries and now the general election.

Here’s the Fox News report:

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Twitchy added:  “Hume and Henry had a little fun with it all in the segment, not only identifying Williamson but also debunking a few of the other conspiracy theories that have popped up since Monday.”

But why does he appear to give notes to moderator Lester Holt?

It also doesn’t explain all of this:

A post at Conservative Treehouse adds:

…The cleaner, Brady Williamson, was trying to remove, and did eventually remove, something much more than just notes atop the lectern.  Another person also is seen removing something.  All of the key players are very aware of, and very cautious of, the people around them when they are in “cleaning mode”.

So we now know who the mystery “cleaner” is, but there’s still some questions that haven’t been answered…


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